Under Construction – faithmentor.com is in the process of being developed. Feel free to look around, but please keep into consideration that some content is incomplete or unedited….thanks!

Faithmentor.com was started by one of the most unusual physicians on the planet, Ross A. Hauser, M.D., who got the crazy idea that through a committed body of Christian believers hooked up through an internet community, many people could be helped. And he has successfully convinced enough of us to believe him in order to give another one of his hair-brained schemes a go.

Faithmentor.com desires to:

  • Show the world that Jesus is God
  • Explain the relevance of using the Bible as a guide for any problem of life
  • Help people experience the supernatural power of God through Jesus Christ in their own life
  • Assist people in accomplishing the ‘impossible’ works God desires to accomplish through them
  • Have people share their amazing stories of overcoming and triumph
  • Delve into the really difficult problems facing each of us and the world and figure out ways to solve them
  • Be a blessing to one another
  • Answer questions of faith from people from around the world
  • Sell biblical art (we have to pay for this site somehow!) and give Christian and other faith-based artists an easy venue to sell their inspirational art
  • Hook up Christian mentors (Faith Mentors we call them or disciple-makers) with people who want mentoring or discipling
  • Educate mentors and those they are mentoring on the commandments of Christ and how to obey them
  • Have a weekly newsletter called The Hope Journey, written by the crazy doctor
  • Answer your faith-based questions

How are we going to do all that and how can you help?

  • Sign up for Dr. Hauser’s weekly newsletter The Hope Journey.
  • Become a mentor to someone who needs your specific skills and talents.
  • Be mentored. We all know when there is accountability to something we perform better. What is more important than having someone mentor or disciple you to make sure your faith walk with God is getting stronger?
  • Help us with writing. Faithmentor.com is a community of like-minded committed believers trying to help others grow in their faith. If you want to help us with writing on various topics that relate to Jesus, the Bible, and faith, or could answer some of the questions people have emailed or asked us on other media, please contact us.
  • Spread the word. Most people know someone who is strong in their faith and has a few minutes each day to disciple someone. Let them know about this site. We would love to hook them up with someone who can really use the help.
  • Share your own hope story. If you have had a remarkable recovery, whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual, would you share it with us? It will probably change someone else’s life!
  • Need money? Got your attention, didn’t we? But if you are having a hard time, share your need with us. We may be able to help or give you some ideas.
  • Honor us by sharing your knowledge. You may have written something that is very insightful and should be shared with the world on some topic that would be appropriate for this site. We want to see it!
  • Sell your biblical and other inspirational art on this site. We have to pay for this site somehow!
  • Buy biblical or inspirational art! The best art is art that helps us grow in our faith. It inspires us and we could all use more of that.
  • Any other ideas? We want to hear your ideas of how to make this site and our ability to help people greater.

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